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Write of Passage Semi-Finalists Announced

We are pleased to announce the following 35 stories as semi-finalists for Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition 2015.

The names of the writers have been withheld to preserve fairness in judging. Writers (and D.Es), you know who you are. Congrats!

A True Gift

Captivated by his parole officer, an ex-con rebuilds grandmother’s house and his own life.

A Finished Peace

An arrogant, rising star, musician loses the single most precious item he owns.

We Reap What We Sow

Faced with financial ruin, an arrogant farmer is condemned for his actions.

Jungle Rust

A mute transient, Rusty decides to do something about the injustice.

The Heretic

The inquisition comes to a tiny fishing village.

Thirty Dollars

Trouble looms for a struggling fencing contractor.

Tied to Consistency

In a world that strives for consistency, joy is found in an unexpected place.

Light Therapy

A wealthy research doctor discovers a cure that is based on his estranged father's lifelong work.

Toil For The Wind

A family man’s fortune could change with a business loan from his father-in-law.

The Happy Guy

One man's happy life is the envy of many, but perhaps his life is not so different after all.

Refurbishing Lives

A worn down cop encourages ex-cons to refurbish their lives through refinishing furniture.

Sick Day

Daddy is sick, so his four-year-old goes into work in his place.

133 Squares

What if life was lived by board game rules?

A Maison in Apremont

A struggling missionary is upset with God until he learns a shocking truth about an unusual donor.


A fantastic office of the future gives new meaning to toil.

The Squire

A young squire, charged with the protection of an Abbey, discovers the value of hard work.

At the End of the Day

Nina thinks her call center job doesn't matter, but her little girl sees things differently.

Aintab Gardens

An ambitious Realtor inherits his father’s restaurant.


An EMT finds it difficult to safeguard her winning lottery ticket at work.

The Lawn Boy

After the death of their parents, siblings must care for their dependent brother.

The Goldenstone

An alchemist's greatest innovation may require his own life as the final ingredient.

Through The Looking Glass

A lawyer finds redemption on his journey through life with the help of an old man, a donkey, and a shotgun.

The Mark

An at-risk teen may learn from his aging mentor if he doesn't kill him first.

Beyond Monument Rock

A rancher attempts to save a dying calf.

The Chauffeur

A frustrated soccer mom daydreams of a different life.

Griff’s Business

A hard working contractor’s faith is challenged when he is stiffed on a job.

Because of the Light

A slave finds true freedom in the Word of the Lord.

The Chocolate Policy

A spunky teenager's first job at a world famous chocolate shop is not so sweet.

The First Day

An ex-missionary discovers that his purpose and the mission field are not always thousands of miles away.

Ground Floor

When her parents retire to Arizona, a spoiled college graduate finds herself in need of a job.

Half Day Cafe

A cook at a diner wants to get out of the kitchen.

Artist Wanted

A precocious 5 year-old girl looks for significance in her work.

Supply Chain

A man's work does extraordinary things to move others and changes lives.

Good Vibrations

Struggling actresses choose different paths to wisdom and success.

The Waffle Stand

A waffle shop in a train station puts one man on the griddle.


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